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Empty bottles on the ground
Golden brown marshmallows​ on the right end
Of the two luckiest twigs in the world
Roasting over a dying fire
The stars in their millions look on
As we bathe in this glorious September moonlight
Counting days and counting sheep
To the sound of brays and hoots
And in the distance the silent hills stand still
There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be
Than here with you getting high on life
Creating weed scented memories


The World Is Not Enough

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The world is not enough
You need a little bit of heaven
The day is not enough
You need a little bit of night
Living is not enough
You need a little bit of love
Kissing is not enough
You need a warm big hug
Chasing the sun
Nine till five, Monday to Friday
Week after week
It’s a toxic cycle our lives follow
Perfectly carving out a slice of emptiness
When will this end
This weekend, perhaps the next
Even though it’s a short lived thrill
The memories that are born
Whenever our worlds collide
Eclipse the hollowness that is my life

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I’d rather be back home in Mfuwe smoking marijuana
Than waste another minute here
Working my nerve over something I know I can’t fix
Curse the fool who said
It will all make sense when get older
And shame to me for believing him


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Tell me if you can
What haven’t we done to be twogether
The last minute bus rushes
Skipping classes, skipping town
Getting caught out in the rain
Late night bike rides in the middle of nowhere adrenaline rushes
The lies I’ve told just to be with you
I’ll gladly tell them again
…and all the other crazy things I can’t mention here
I guess the only thing remaining is for us to die
Just to be together
Wrong as it may sound when the world says we’re single
It IS true coz as much as we’re twogether, we are one

Boy Meets Girl

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Remember that night we meet for the very first time?
When my eyes were greeted by your sweetly sculpted silhouette
Accentuated by the lively swing of your hips and your comely voice
As you  emerged from the shadows​ and into my life that starry September night
It was poetry in motion

Do you remember how the sun bled for you the following evening?
How a thousand petals were pasted to a mundane sky
Creating a magnificent roseate sunset just for you
And you still have the audacity to wonder why I’m so into you…
Just try to remember that weekend and you’ll know why


Day One Eight Three Nine

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I’m tempted to say this is the most
Exciting day of my life but that would be a lie
As any day spent with you is special in its own way
And always leaves me struggling to find
Superlatives to use to describe it
Yet to say it’s special doesn’t fully capture
The immensity of the moment
And that’s what it’s all about – moments
Fractions of time that give greater meaning
To the portrait we’re constantly painting
So I’ll take this moment to say that
Even though it’s day one eight three nine on the calendar
It’s still day one in my heart

We Real Cool

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One of these days you’ll open your eyes
And accept that I’m not the cool guy
You always thought I was
When you do
Please remember that night we stayed​ up well past 1am
Doing barell rolls, flat spins, knock-downs and perfect runs
Like adrenaline driven teenagers
And it will soon dawn on you that it’s not me
But me and you that is cool

Photo credit: Annie Sinkala