A Penny For Your Thoughts

Visions of Immaculia

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Patience reaches its end, the body weak
I’ve coloured the spaces between cradle and grave but still my spirit won’t sleep
And so until we stray the dales of Immaculia
Till we can drink from the sweetness of its thousand trees
My heart will know no peace


Another Summer Story (In Pix)

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Shades of Summers Passed

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Another summer passes
Another pair added to my collection of broken cheap-ass sunglasses
It’s through these lenses that I basked in the sweltering heat, tasted the cool
Held the sun and together we made memories that melted you
These shades are time itself, these are the minutes that bore witness to moments too unscripted to be photographed
Moments still stirring quiet storms in my mind and heart
And hopefully for one last time the sun will kiss you
Before the rain comes down to wash away my cool


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The doors we so casually open are more than just doors, they’re gateways, portals between worlds known and unknown. Sometimes we open doors without much thought and we find ourselves thrust into the unknown yet the respect we share and the quest for something bigger than ourselves helps quieten the noise. Each knock on a new door is a search for adventutre and familiarity in a forest teeming with unknowns. And right there in the midst of the unknown, in the depth of unchartered waters, companionship is formed in the calm of a smile, the warmth of an embrace and in the sincerity of words. So next time you hear a strange rat-tat-tat on your door, let the door fling open and promise me you’ll always have my back as we explore this unbeaten path, together.

High On Life (117 beats per minute)

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My peeps be high on life, low on gloom
Will make you feel like a million rands when you walk into the room
We moved fast, spoke sin and broke things
Lived for the moment like dope fiends
We sung verses of joy and strife
And in the chorus we found the meaning of life
We removed our thinking caps and set trends
Laughed uproariously and made friends
Without rhythm, we made merry and danced
Blissfully toying with time and chance
And on that inevitable glorious day
Let our little tombstones say;
Here lies a destruction boy, eternally upset
Coz it hurts the most when he’s dreaming

The Death of Innocence

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Stolen moments with you purchased on borrowed time
Flirting with danger making every adulterated second last
Exploiting every crevace without a care in the world
Knowing very well that I’m gonna pay for my sins
But I’m dying here, steadily consumed by such unbridled emotion and only you can save me
Quench my burning desires from here to forever coz from where I stand
Guilt is a small price to pay for happiness

Five Stages of Grief

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Stage 1_Denial: it’s that graceful disbelief, the numbness that makes the stinging loss more bearable. I’d look at this piece of paper and refuse to see what was right befre my eyes, this surely cant be happening to me I said.

Stage 2_Anger: unbridled rage, I was mad at the world coz they always believed I could do anything, mad at myself coz I knew my potential and wasted it but underneath all that lay the pain. So I used the bridge of anger to walk over the sea of pain.

Stage 3_Bargaining: I bargained with God, told him the things I’d do if he could just wake me up from this crazy dream, there’s no waking up from this one. If I had been the best version of myself, I wouldn’t be here but there I was.

Stage 4_Depression: emptiness, silence, tears, these were the saltiest tears I ever cried. Alcohol would satisfy half my mood but there’s that darker side that wouldn’t be put under its spell, the gloom. What had I done?

Stage 5_Acceptance: I learnt to live with loss. Search for answers, hurt yourself , feel the pain, learn. Embrace the change, wear the scars, smile and work twice as hard as everybody else. It’s not perfect but I survived this loss and I’m still here.