Advice To My Younger Self

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Dear younger self,

Hope you’ll find this information useful in the years to come.

When it comes to matters of the heart, I’ll tell you that it’s a gamble that can go in any one of a million ways. You can rush into it or put it off for later but it will catch up with you either way. So when you do surrender to it, go for someone who makes you happy but more importantly someone who loves you for who you are. Looks don’t exactly fade with time, you just begin to see past his/her skin as you look closer. Think of it this way,anyone can admire a super bright full moon on a starry blue night from down here but only an astronaut will go to the moon,  endure its extreme temperatures, listen to its deafening silence, look at its gaping craters, witness its dark side and still call it beautiful.Be each other’s astronauts.

On friends well it’s so simple how people will say bad company corrupts good morals; when you’re my age you’ll realize it’s not so straight forward. Bad guys don’t go around with tags on their backs nor do they have the word ‘bad’ written across their foreheads, those are dumb guys. Mind the people you hang with and what you talk about and share coz mediocre company and poor CHOICES corrupt good morals too.Note the stress on the word ‘choices’; nothing ever happens without your consent. And remember that the older you get the more responsible you have to be for your choices as they come with consequences.

Hold forgiveness and patience close to your heart. These are common currencies of platonic and romantic relationships alike. Things change so quick when you’re much older, you might be hogging or dishing out forgiveness and patience today and be desperately in need of them the next day. Exercise caution and compassion.Don’t harbour hate or hurt in your heart, it only makes your heart cold and breeds bigger and uglier monsters that will eat you alive. It’s like that saying goes holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Choose life.

The Real Ones

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This one is not for the faint hearted, not for the fair weather friends
The sunshine soldiers or summer patriots
This one’s not for the hi and bye friends
The ones who talk a good game but don’t back it up
The I’ll-give-you-a-call-one-of-these-days-but-never-get-to-call kind of friends
This one is for the real ones
The mates, the fusas, the buddies and homies
The crazy ones, the quiet ones, the awkward ones and orderly ones
The embarrassing and loud ones too
The ones who will call you straight out when you talking bullshit
The ones who know you beyond your looks, name and possessions
Beyond Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
The ones who make you laugh even when you have a look of no hope on your face
The ones who stick around when your world has stopped spinning
And when it seems the world has turned on you
The ones who see you through to the end, making memories through the hard times
The ones who call you for no reason every chance they get
The ones who call just to say something only you can understand or tolerate
And you’ll cherish every call, text, joke, laugh, story and minute shared
Coz you know that they’re an extension of you and your strangeness
And because you know without a doubt that the world might end today but the bond
You share will still hold because it’s real

Sensual Love

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As a mother bird in her nest
She holds me close to her breast
Moves her fingers along my neck, across its veins
Stroking them gently over and over again

I profess this pleasure in the most passionate way
Speaking so charmingly her soul I sway
My utterances dictate her heart’s rhythm
And when I pause you can feel her breathing

She is my lady and I’m her man
We’re in sync, in tune, in love, one
Eternally bound by the feel of what we have
This simple, profound sensual love

She loves me dearly and I equally love her
She is my guitarist, I’m her guitar

Upon Witnessing A Lusaka Sunset

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Tale of ages, burning sun

When was it that your journey begun

Some say it is with mother Earth

With whom you share a common birth

Others say you were born with time

As his travels and yours closely rhyme

Beautiful sun, what else do I need?

But the warmth on which my soul feeds

Fading sun, you generously give to my eyes

These fine gifts: the roseate sky

The not­-so-towering towers and the swaying trees

The moon has not so many mercies

Golden eye, as you tan this Lusaka sky with your dying flames

Memories of midnight are freshly burnt on my brain

And the day slowly sleeps with each fading sun ray

It is my simple prayer that you stay

Stay with me that there be no night

Stay and all will be alright