Of Motorbikes And Life

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Every other Monday I relive my lively weekends with you
The countless hours spent on that dirt road
On that motorbike with you Kissing the wind, flirting with danger Adrenaline junkies screaming like the fools we are
Leaving a trail of dust for the ‘normal’ lovers to follow
You take the bike by the handles
The same way you grab life by the horns
– with rare grace draped in a nonchalant face
Sitting behind you I firmly hold your waist
That illustration itself a metaphor of the trust we share
And so every Monday the countdown
To the next weekend begins

We’re What We Eat

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We are what we eat

Thus some people are sour

Some bitter while others are sweet

There’s those that are attractive

With an even better taste

Then there’s the pretty looking ones

We still love to hate

Just like food some are

A little rough around the edges

Others are pleasing to look at

Like there were cut from cook book pages

Some people are real deep

Like they were made of soul food

Then there’s those that are like junk food

Pretty fun but eventually no good

Like food some drive you to a tempting, unholy urge

Others just cause you to purge

Like food some are hard as stone

Others tender as an ice-cream cone

If you wanna hear about food, wellness and more

Let’s meet at the Health, Wellness and Green Living Market

The 8th of April, 10 am, Foxdale Mall





How To live A Full Life On A Half Full Pocket

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Don’t explain yourself

Take a ride on a motorbike

Take a chance on love

Give into your food cravings

Laugh out loud

Turn down that crappy job

Smell the flowers

Watch a Tim Burton movie

Savour the moment

Disagree with the parents

Listen to old music

Act a fool

Love yourself



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It’s no secret, I love curves , I love how they rise and fall
How they swerve and slide, how they seamlessly meet
To give character to your perfectly sculpted frame
I love your wide swinging hips and cascading thighs as you walk
I see how you have every guy effortlessly twirled around your waist
It’s quite obvious why but I constantly wonder if there’s more to these curves
Or are they a mere thing of beauty?
Let’s indulge our minds so I can see you bare
Help me unravel the nakedness of your thoughts
Let me see for myself what lies beyond those curves
Yes your body is grace and poetry incarnate but is your tongue beautiful?
Can you express your mind as well as you do your body when you wriggle of your waist?
Don’t be fooled by my words, I’m a man, I love your undulating contours
And the pleasure I draw from them, I confess that I’ve lusted them sometimes
But can you stimulate me sensually with your thoughts, imagination, creativity?
Can I touch your winding edges with my words?
Flaunt your thought provoking intellect and lure me with your wit
Let’s engage in hours of wild verbal intercourse and reach a thunderous climax
I pray your mind is deeper than your sweet navel and your heart as wide as your hips
Your arching hips themselves brackets that express the importance of what lies between them


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The delicate vine winds and crawls

Around the lemon tree, near the wall

It carefully creeps through the branches and leaves

Curls a silent robin under the dewy eaves

Twisting and turning like a tropical storm

I instantly fall in love with its curvaceous form

 I close my fortunate eyes

And let my fingers explore the slender vine

I palm and gently crush its glorious grapes

Impeccably clothed in sparkling purple drapes

And with sheer elegance and charm

The premature wine streams down my arm

From my palm, I drink the residual wine

And wonder what could be nearly as fine

As the sensation that terribly teases my tongue

Perhaps the vine from which these sweet orbs hung

The inspiration for these terse lines

Slender, whole, graceful, divine

Beautiful Contradiction

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I’m a beautiful contradiction
Quiet persona with rowdy tendencies
A student of humility but still a proud man
My words run smooth yet I’m rough around the edges
I’m good and bad depending on the context
I wonder who made you judge
Putting labels on people instead of jars
I’m fed up with you trying to fit me into categories
Telling me to think outside the box
All the while assigning me labels that are
Nothing more than social constructs
Intended to limit my possibilities
A shameful contradiction
But I’m beautiful contradiction
A perfect mix of chance and purpose
Black as night yet I’m the heart of a colorless rainbow
On love’s battlefield I’m both a lover and a fighter
Broad strokes of pain inextricably intertwined
With slight touches of happiness, I’m a mural of life itself
I’m so much like you but I’m still all me!

Do They Know It’s 2016

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We claim to be advancing

 At the speed of lightning

We’ve gone to the moon

And we quickly approaching Mars

Conquered small pox

And figured out the laws of physics

Connected villages in Katmandu

With hamlets in Calgary

All thanks to cutting edge technology

We’re supposedly the most developed species

Different from animals because we possess

The ability to reason

Yet we kill each other like animals

Coz of color, creed and sexual orientation

We’re wondering where this

Hypocritical world is going

But we know very well

It’s going in circles

Revolving around and set ablaze

By our hateful hearts

16 years into the new millennium

We’re still fighting poverty

When we have so much resources

Going to waste

The price of oil is worth more

Than shedding of my neighbours blood

We seem to be in agreement with Stalin because

The death of one person in a particular region

Is a tragedy while a thousand deaths in another

Goes unnoticed, just another statistic

Yeah our brains seem to have developed

Quite well from our Neanderthal days

Our technology is most definitely smarter

And our hearts, well they’re as dumb as ever

Perhaps as numb as ever

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves

I can imagine that all those we’ve killed

And those we continue to kill

With our undying love for ignorance

Are looking at us in wonder, thinking:

Damn! Do they know it’s 2016?