The Secret To Happiness

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Live on the edge
Enjoy the thrill of near misses
Savour the resounding defeats
Own the victory
Stretch the slim chances
Push the limits
Realise that ‘normal’ is
A box society uses keep you docile
Cry silently, laugh uproariously
Scream like an angel, dance like a fool
Indulge your curiosity
Let every word you speak
Be an exclamation
Play in the dirt
Chase after donkeys and goats
Live and die in the same breath
And write about it
Live fearlessly and die proudly
When you’re done do it all over again


Picture Perfect Escape

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What I’d give to be that boy again
I’d scrape my knees just to taste that joy again
To relive the amazement and wonder
But all that warmth is frozen in time
Overrun by years that reek of routine
Familiarity in these walls desperately suffocating possibility
This photograph is but a momentary escape
A time capsule of tasteful memories
That are soon eclipsed when I look in the mirror
The coldness still trapped in eyes that are
Forever blood stained by
The many pains they’ve witnessed

A Ngwee for Your Thoughts

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If I had a Ngwee for every time

You shared your thoughts

I’d have a rich vocabulary

And an even richer soul

The countless balletic conversations we’ve had

Where the world pirouettes on your tongue

And dances between your lips

Your tongue, red-lacquered as though

Freshly made Louboutins walked on it,

Breaks the ice and carves memories out of it

Your words are unlayered, profound

You spin words and they take shape

In the form of reality

With the universe home on your lips

You speak life into my life

So the next time when we talk

Remember that your words enrich my soul

The Marriage of True Minds

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Nameless silhouettes tearing through
Tall dew kissed blades of grass
The sun barely piercing the unflinching fog
Just when I thought it would yet be
Another eternity before I’d see you
You sliced open my perception of what real is
Stretched it beyond imagination
And filled it with funky colours
And endless possibilities
Your hand is so far down my chest that
Vulnerability is now my strength
Boundaries have faded
That we’re now making up reality as we go
Simply put we’re a pleasant memory lost in time 
Trying our best not to be found

Perfect Weekend

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The perfect weekend is made of these;
2 ngwees and dirty bikes
Pink champagne truffles
And a lemon herb scented bag
A very wet Saturday and slightly dry jokes
Purple lips and flavourful conversations
A two kilometre daybreak run
And foggy hills in the distance
Private feasts and endless down low creeping
Senseless happy dances
And Sunday goodbyes that will leave you sobered up
An eleven day week and a two minute weekend
Daytime village chicken whispering
And handling aneurysms by night
Fusa and kusa
And 17 other non rhyming four letter words

Kamikaze Heart

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If I continue masking my heart with gum and tape
Its only a matter of time before this dam of emotion
Breaks free and drowns me in my own sorrow 
So believe me when I say I only drink for the thrill
But if the only possible way of loving you 
Involves hurting myself in the process
I’m cool with it, anything for you right
You know I’m not as broken as I make it sound sometimes 
Besides I owe you – big time
You did save my life that night I died in your arms – literally
Even if it was for the briefest moment
So I guess it’s somewhat disappointing, ironic 
That the only way I can pay you back 
Is by giving you my kamikaze heart
But then that’s all I have


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We’re marked and labeled
Scarred and tainted by the actions
Of those who came before us
Its in our blood to make bold mistakes
And disregard your wise counsel
Coz we have years to spend and luck to chase
Proudly basking in the folly of youth
How can you even judge us when you’re
Essentially looking in the mirror
We inscribe our union with incongruence
Coz our lives are just as imperfect 
Nevertheless we wear these scars shamelessly
Giving our unrighteous souls something
To hold on to till our dying day