Beautiful Contradiction

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I’m a beautiful contradiction
Quiet persona with rowdy tendencies
A student of humility but still a proud man
My words run smooth yet I’m rough around the edges
I’m good and bad depending on the context
I wonder who made you judge
Putting labels on people instead of jars
I’m fed up with you trying to fit me into categories
Telling me to think outside the box
All the while assigning me labels that are
Nothing more than social constructs
Intended to limit my possibilities
A shameful contradiction
But I’m beautiful contradiction
A perfect mix of chance and purpose
Black as night yet I’m the heart of a colorless rainbow
On love’s battlefield I’m both a lover and a fighter
Broad strokes of pain inextricably intertwined
With slight touches of happiness, I’m a mural of life itself
I’m so much like you but I’m still all me!


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