Month: July 2016

Do They Know It’s 2016

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We claim to be advancing

 At the speed of lightning

We’ve gone to the moon

And we quickly approaching Mars

Conquered small pox

And figured out the laws of physics

Connected villages in Katmandu

With hamlets in Calgary

All thanks to cutting edge technology

We’re supposedly the most developed species

Different from animals because we possess

The ability to reason

Yet we kill each other like animals

Coz of color, creed and sexual orientation

We’re wondering where this

Hypocritical world is going

But we know very well

It’s going in circles

Revolving around and set ablaze

By our hateful hearts

16 years into the new millennium

We’re still fighting poverty

When we have so much resources

Going to waste

The price of oil is worth more

Than shedding of my neighbours blood

We seem to be in agreement with Stalin because

The death of one person in a particular region

Is a tragedy while a thousand deaths in another

Goes unnoticed, just another statistic

Yeah our brains seem to have developed

Quite well from our Neanderthal days

Our technology is most definitely smarter

And our hearts, well they’re as dumb as ever

Perhaps as numb as ever

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves

I can imagine that all those we’ve killed

And those we continue to kill

With our undying love for ignorance

Are looking at us in wonder, thinking:

Damn! Do they know it’s 2016?



Sensual Love

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As a mother bird in her nest
She holds me close to her breast
Moves her fingers along my neck, across its veins
Stroking them gently over and over again

I profess this pleasure in the most passionate way
Speaking so charmingly her soul I sway
My utterances dictate her heart’s rhythm
And when I pause you can feel her breathing

She is my lady and I’m her man
We’re in sync, in tune, in love, one
Eternally bound by the feel of what we have
This simple, profound sensual love

She loves me dearly and I equally love her
She is my guitarist, I’m her guitar

Flowers For Larry

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Just weeks ago I was watching Muhammad Ali’s memorial and was amazed by how everyone had their own Ali story, a once upon a time personal encounter with the greatest. It was happy and sad. Happy coz he was my hero too and received even more praise while he lived. Sad coz I never got to have a one on one with him.

Every single day we cross paths, eat and live with people whom we may not necessarily term our heroes but inspire us again and again yet we don’t take the time to acknowledge them. The worst thing that could happen is that person could fade out coz we didn’t pat them on the back when they needed it. But that’s beside the point, the noble thing to do would be to give them bouquets of praise and appreciation now while they can still smell them.

Meet my friend Larry, a soft spoken guy who oozes coolness even on a hottest summer day hehe. He’s so cool he doesn’t even know he inspires me, unless he’s reading this. If you’ve watched some of the more popular Zambian music videos in recent times ie Glory – Jay Rox ft Thugga (2016),Will You Marry Me – T-Sean Ft Bombshell (2016), Unbeatable – Chefy 187 ft S-Roxxy (2016), Somone – Slap Dee ft Mumba Yachi and Muzo (2015), Toliwe – Willz ft Wezi (2015) you’ll would’ve probably seen directed by Qbick and Lawdak at the beginning. Well Lawdak = Lawrence Daka = Larry.

I’ll try not to make this long or solemn as though it were an obituary, coz it’s not. Without any formal training in video production or directing, it’s amazing to see how far passion, raw talent and discipline can drive a person. Growing up, Larry fell in love with music watching his sister and nephew singing. He first lent vocals and later engineered an album for his nephew Mathew Tembo, a musician and traditional music enthusiast before shooting videos for yet another nephew. I wouldn’t be shocked if Larry has music for blood in his veins