What Makes Us Zambian?

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What is it that makes us Zambian?
Is it the friendliness and warmth that visitors from abroad always talk about
Or maybe it’s our beautiful smiles
The same smiles we tucked away last week when we raided Rwandan owned shops
What images come to your mind when you think Zambia
Nsima, Victoria Falls , street kids, Mosi Lager, petty politics
Are we Zambian cause we bear names like Mundia, Bwalya, Phiri, Hamooga
Can’t you be a Scott or Patel and just be as Zambian
Do you have to belong to a ‘big tribe’ to really be a Zambian
How about the lesser known Goba, Unga and Mbowe
Aren’t they Zambians too
What distinguishes us from others
Is it the descriptive particles we add before a noun when we speak our version of English
As in: a ka little girl or a chi nice ride
Or is it because every toothpaste is Colgate and cooking oil is Saladi
Is it our ability to emulate the bold eagle meticulously sewn into our flag
Rising above and resolving our problems without talk of blood
Or maybe it’s the realization that we’re a jewel of the Zambezi
Singular and rare, belonging to all
Regardless of stripe or belief
A jewel bigger than any politician, political party or agenda
Hence the maxim One Zambia, One Nation
And so I reiterate my opening statement
What is it that makes us Zambian?


2 thoughts on “What Makes Us Zambian?

    evalilianmassawe said:
    April 29, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    I’ll go for the Colgate thingy lol! because it is so similar to many of our terms too. I enjoyed that alot Fusa, so much art in telling about your land, I like that. OHH and yes I am a loyal FAN of Zambians, I am sure you know that.


      Chief_want responded:
      May 6, 2016 at 3:25 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it, I know you’re Zambian at heart ☺


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