If I Died Today…

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If I died today, please don’t light no candles
Don’t leave my feet bare, always fancied a pair of gold sandals
Even as you weep and rightly hurt
No suit and tie for me, just one of my beloved graphic T-shirts
And I think faded jeans will do
Throw in my yellow wristband too

If I died today I think you’d cry
But don’t you dare ask God why
Celebrate my life not by pouring liquor but with laughter and poetry
No twisted rituals or self-indulgent idolatry
Let it be a bright and beautiful day
Coz when it’s time for me to leave, I’ll do it my way

And if I died today, I’d probably become a very bright star
From the sky I’d watch over you, right where you are
I’d surely miss your warm smile, yes
I’d miss your whole style but mostly your craziness
And maybe I’d return to wipe your teary eyes
Coz I couldn’t bear seeing you cry


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