The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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m�f�A 20160126_192543

We’re good people with bad habits, living in an ugly world

That’s just too simplified

Maybe I’m making excuses for you again

I mean we got the same woolly hair, thick lips and broad nose

Even more importantly we got the same brain

So why do you look at me as though I’m ugly

Must be my tattered t-shirt and the stench it gives off


In this bad economy where we can’t afford to waste resources

You can’t afford to brush my thoughts aside

Or leave me behind

My future desperately rests on your conscience

So it’s not money but attention I seek

Lend me an ear and maybe a chance

Coz right now I got it bad


Remember the good old days?

Playing in the dirt without a care in the world

Well I’m still covered in dirt

And your good heart couldn’t care less

I guess your love really is blind

But what do I know?

I’m just a good kid with bad breath and an ugly t-shirt



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