Month: January 2016

Dear Mr. President…

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Dear Mr. President,

I hope you are well. You probably don’t know me but you certainly won’t forget me if you read this. I on the other hand can safely say I know a bit about you, I see you in the paper very often and I have to say I’m a fan of your height.

Now that the cheesy icebreaker is out of the way, we can get down to business. It’s election year again and I guess I’ll be seeing you quite a lot TV and online and more than ever people will be pleading that you take notice of their concerns. Since I’m not an avid follower of politics, I will just speak from my heart and not my head.

The reason I’m writing you is pretty simple: I’d like us to work together. Just like people try to achieve peace through different avenues; religion, Jack Daniels, communing with nature and taking up an AK-47, I feel that we both want to see our countrymen in a better position than they currently are only we’re employing different methods. While you try to make that possible through policy and directives in your capacity as head of state, I do the same by way of writing from my daily experiences, hoping someone out there finds something of value in my words. With your experience as a legal practitioner, I imagine you can bear witness to the fact that there is great potency in words.

I know that you’re a busy man, of course you are: it’s the top job in the land. That said, I would appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to read this letter and seriously consider my proposition. It’s important to me that we work more closely because as it has been said time and time again, two heads are better than one. Therefore, the idea of us working as partners towards a cause greater than our individual aspirations is worth contemplating.

You’ll also realise that what is genuinely good or beneficial to me is just as beneficial to you as you’re president and I’m your ward. Besides there is need to keep this newly opened line of communication constantly open as it will go a long way in helping us achieve our common goal of seeing an uplifted citizenry.

Yours faithfully,
Chifwanti Zulu

P.S. Best of luck in the elections


Friendship Story

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It’s really not funny between me and my dad
Five minutes is the longest conversation we’ve ever had
Now what does that say about us?
What would you say if I told you we both cuss?
I sense a hint of judgment on your part
Shutting this case without looking into my heart
But it’s cool, no room for being sorry
All I need is a friend to listen, end of story

To A Dried Mosi-oa-tunya

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An ode to the Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya (Tokaleya: the smoke that thunders) which has suffered long spells of dryness in recent months but is slowly being resuscitated by a rain season that is long overdue.

Silver salmon swiftly swim
From your thunderous waters into my dream
Up, they climb your current flow
You fight back dearly, like a foe
They swim, they climb, they jump and flip
But when I wake you’re sound asleep

Wake from your slumber pretty one
Wake and feel the warm kiss of the sun
Take me swiftly by my hand
As you once did the fine river sand
And the boulders and pebbles and rocks
Wake my love, for love never mocks

Let us dance to the music of the wind
Let us run to where we’re destined
To the end of true love’s rugged course
We will eternally flow with a youthful force
Once again we shall exist as one, a single being
And from our rhythm hope shall forever spring