Month: December 2015

2015: My Year in Pix

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A selection of 24 moments from a great year shared with family, friends and my boo

Love you all, let’s do it again next year 🙂


An Ode to Pac

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This is a piece I wrote for my hero Tupac


Those who knew you will testify without hesitance
That your life was difficult but also pregnant with chance
That even as you worked your magic in the booth
You took great pride in courage, playfulness and truth
That you truly were a man of vision
Though you fell victim to ill fated choices and decisions
And from these choices great lessons were learnt
But not without your fingers getting burnt
And flamboyantly, you rose and fell
Following your heart not wisely but very well


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Through a warm description of items found in a bag I shared with my girlfriend weeks ago, I try to recapture the spirit of a superb summer

Looking through my laptop bag

I find remnants of a great summer past

Your broken sunglasses and my loose ones

A face cloth that came in so handy with all that sun

A bus ticket from your week long August trip

The fleur de lis shambala you gave me to keep

A wrist watch that’s correct only twice a day

The scrappy notebook you used as an alibi the second last Sunday

The goodbye note you wrote me 40 days ago

A pretty pink ring, has a broken head though

A single painkiller from the time we had so much fun that your head hurt

My hearts racing as my fingers continue the search

I find a brown paper bag that contains…nothing

And finally your unmistakable scent brings all the memories back

From the museum to the zoo to the movies to the walks

Guess I gotta lend you a bigger bag next summer

The Definition of Amazing

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Amazing can be used to describe so many things:

Your life, the flight of a bird , my mother’s cooking

Amazing is how fulfilled, wonderful and sweet

My insides felt after writing this

Amazing is when your love for someone is true

And knowing they feel the same way about you

Amazing is when you kiss someone so deep that you don’t wanna come up for air

And when you do into their eyes you just pensively stare

Amazing is when in an exam you’re so sure every answer on this page is correct

That even before you’re done with this paper, you wanna write the next

Amazing is when people think your smile lights up the room

Amazing is when they say your presence is more fragrant than a designer perfume

Amazing is when you read a poem and it makes so much sense

Amazing is also the first word of this poem, paragraph and sentence

Amazing is eating cucumber on a Sunday afternoon or a Wednesday morning

Amazing is how it only takes ‘u’ to move from mourning to morning

Amazing is how guardians, parents, moms and dads

Sacrifice so much to give their kid stuff they themselves never had

Amazing is when beauty is wrapped in the ordinary and simple

A raised eyebrow, a Mona Lisa smile, a lone dimple

Amazing is how your rowdy and crazy friends

Despite their countless flaws will be there for you to the very end

Amazing Grace doesn’t even come close to describing God’s amazing grace

Amazing is probably how his love for me tastes

Amazing is you, amazing is me

Amazing is how beautiful we paint the world with poetry