To be or not to be a Fusa…

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I had the opportunity to visit Windhoek for 10 days three weeks ago and boy did I have fun. went out nearly every day, fell in love with the city, met and made crazy friends, took a million photos and came back home.

Ever since returning I’ve been asking myself just what defined the trip for me? What was the one thing that stood out the most? Well let’s see at what I can recall…

The 280km bus ride from Windhoek to Swakopmund was exciting. Though long it was fun, there was singing on the bus, lots of photos, and myriads of stories. Everyone wore their best smile and they came in handy when the cameras came out. We stopped at Swakopmund after nearly five hours on the road and hopped out of the bus to visit the Namib Times headquarters only to be told was at Walvis Bay.

The hour long stretch from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay had an amazing and contrasting scenery. The long road separated the desert to the left from the ocean to the right..The ships were floating to the dock while the sand dunes were as still as ever..more photos. Lots of cameras clicking and even louder sighs of admiration and awe. The weather when we reached Walvis Bay. We made our way seeing how the biweekly publication is produced and viola we made the front page three days later. Yippee!


Another five hours on the bus but first we made a stop at another Swakopmund, this time for a warm, tummy filling meal . Then there was beach: the Atlantic, the sand, shrieking laughs and again…photos.

Once the ride resumed, it was quieter, the crazy bunch was tired and the mood turned serene when the sunset beckoned and you guessed right…photographs! At the end of the day the ride was rewarding, I never knew that 10 hours was enough time to get close to at least three crazy people.

Enough of that! the people were really the coolest thing…or things if I could call them, that because they were of a different species…a species commonly known as the fossa or foosa (more acurate phonetic spelling). I’m no scientist so I will get passed the biology real swift. The fossa is carnivorous cat like mammal unique to Madagascar and looks like a mongoose. The species had their big screen moment on the 2005 box office hit animation Madagascar in the foosa attack scene when they chase after Marty the zebra. As depicted in the movie, the fossa are the antagonist of Madagascan forest and a real menace to the lemurs, birds and lizards.

With that out of the way, here’s the important part. the advanced human form of the creature fusas (anglicised spelling) are not endemic to a particular geographic location but spread all over the world, as i have learnt .They are not carnivorous but do have a thing for showing their canines when they smile. they are loud, love to be spontaneous and are a menace to society as their predecessors .They are also crazy wild, fun loving risk takers who are bold yet not threatening. (Remind me to add this entry to Urban Dictionary)

SAM_1101 - Copy

Before leaving for Windhoek I was anxious about the next 10 days because I was leaving my beloved fusas behind but lo and behold, they are everywhere. In fact every single person at that media accountability course was a fusa, lecturers included. The crazy bunch made my 10 day adventure worthwhile cause I felt at home among friends, enjoying every moment without a care in the world.

And so there we were 14 free spirited, fun loving individuals from Tanzania Zambia, Namibia and Finland r


2 thoughts on “To be or not to be a Fusa…

    Evalilian Massawe said:
    June 8, 2015 at 9:17 am

    Who found “DISTANCE”??? and am I allowed to be mad at him or her? 10 days of a life time, to be told to the furthest generation,,,,,,,,I count blessings meeting each one of the psychopaths,,,,,,,(hey, feel more bounded after this piece, ‘well uttered!!!


      Chief_want responded:
      June 8, 2015 at 9:46 am

      glad yu luvd it lilly..i feel connected to yu fusas more than ever..cant wait to see yu guys 😀


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